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5 Outlook® Tips on Using Bcc Smart Way

If you have to send email messages to some people and you also want to keep some of the recipients private in the email, then you need to use Bcc (Blank Carbon Copy) field in the compose window. Any recipients in the Bcc field are not visible to other addressees when the email is delivered. But it is utterly important to use the field carefully while composing your message.

In Outlook email app, using Bcc in an email message is a little bit different. You need to know how to add recipients in the Bcc field. If you are new to the email app, you should check and find how to use the feature carefully. Else, you can also access Outlook technical experts through their 24×7 toll-free Outlook email support phone number.

Here are five important tips on using Bcc in Outlook in a better way:

Add and Remove Bcc:

For a novice user, it is probably the most common obstacle to find out how to add or remove Bcc on Outlook email window. To do so, you have to:

  • Open your Outlook email
  • Click the Option tab and go to Show Fields section
  • Click Bcc

And this way, you can see Bcc in the email window below the Cc. Here you can provide the recipients’ email address that you want to keep private in the message. And if you have to remove it, you can go the same way to remove Bcc from the Send field. Though you can do it on your own successfully, however you should look for an instant technical help for Outlook email, if you come across any technical hurdle.

See the recipients in Bcc in the email:

Though other cannot see the recipients in Bcc once the message has been delivered, but you might want to check if the people added in the Bcc field are right. To see the addressees in Bcc, go to the Sent Item folder and click the message that contains Bcc recipients. You will see all the recipients in the header section of your email message.

Right time to use Bcc in your email:

Using Cc field in an email is very common and almost all people use the same. But you cannot use Bcc frequently, if you don’t want to keep any recipients unnoticed in the message.

Minimize the flow of message to your inbox:

With the help of Bcc, you can stop any message, if some of the recipients in “To” and “Cc” are replying to the original email message.

When not to use Bcc:

There are some occasions when you should avoid using Bcc field in your email message. When transparency is crucial, you should not add any recipients in the Bcc field. On the other hand, if you send a message to a group of people, then hiding any recipient’s detail may cause an odd situation.

These are five important ways that how you can use your Outlook email efficiently and meaningfully. In case of any technical problem while configuring your Outlook email, you should immediately get in touch with expert technicians for a reliable Outlook email help and support.

You can locate some independent tech support companies that offer a Microsoft-certified technical help for Outlook email application in real time. Select a particular one and stay at bay while using the email.

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