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Outlook.com is Out of Preview: What You Need to Know About

Since May 2015, Outlook.com has been under a complete revamp procedure so as to resolve the issues which were probably to take place. Now Microsoft®® has brought the email client app out of its preview session with some additional features and plug-in capabilities. Now it is available to run and help you manage your email messages and create appointments.

If you have downloaded the newest edition and want to avail of its features and applications, get in touch with experts to find useful Microsoft Outlook® Support Center.

Once famed as Hotmail, Microsoft®®’s revamped outlook.com is developed on the base of Office 365 technology. And in line with its objective to frame the email app into an absolute solution, Microsoft®® has started adding noteworthy plug-ins and features to bring in interesting features and applications, though you need to install the app as a separate plug-in from Microsoft®®’s store if you are planning to use it on desktop.

There is a chance to have some common technical glitches while installing them as a separate plug-in app, but don’t worry! Independent technical support providers are here to take you out of the problem. Reach the professionals through their Outlook Not Launching, Help and Support (1888-606-4841) and allow them to resolve the issue. But make sure you have selected a genuine technical expert.

If you are one of those who have used the email client app in the preview, you perhaps will not have got as much few features. Things have changed and now it is going to be one of the few best email applications just because of its impressive features.

With the revamped application, outlook.com now takes care of the people whom you mail frequently. It can help you create a group of people whom you send message every so often. Consequently, you can now manage your task more efficiently.

On the other hand, Microsoft®® has included spam filter that is genuinely a noteworthy feature to make your email experience amazing. Now you don’t need to worry about the spam emails.

Many of the users have reported for some weird messages such as “Microsoft®® outlook not responding,“ revamped outlook.com has got the fix for such uncomfortable messages.

If you are still getting such messages, you better go for expert Microsoft®® Outlook technical support from independent technical providers.

In addition to the added features, revamped email app can allow you to add emoji and embedded pictures so as to personalize the message in your own way. As per the importance of email messages, you can put a flag on the messages in order to prioritize the available emails.

If you encounter technical glitches while downloading updates, you should not get worried as the experts are available with their absolute solutions. Go and reach out to the technical experts for instant technical support.

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