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Microsoft Office® 365 Setup and Configuration Help

People trying to setup mailboxes from their Office® 365 Account; sometimes, find it hard to do so. There are various reasons for the problems, including issues with DNS, screen shot error, and password. When it comes to connecting the email client Outlook® to the upgraded version of Office® 365, use the following instructions divided into two different segments or contact Office 365 Technical Support to help setup and configure Office® 365 in Outlook®. These two are related to gathering information and doing tricks on the computer.

First part:

Go to testexchangeconnectivity.com; choose the Office® 365 tab; click on Outlook® Autodiscover; fill relevant information (Email address and Microsoft Account, Office® 365 Username; use authentic and accepted Office® 365 password; check “I understand the terms and conditions…” and continue; press Expand All; and press Ctrl+F and type “Server” within the Find tool using the keyboard.

Finally, copy this information within “<Server>” and “</Server>” and move to the next segment.

Second part:

  • Click on Start and then on Control Panel.
  • Navigate over to Mail and choose Show Profiles.
  • Click New button and enter a new Profile Name.
  • Choose Manual Setup of Addition Server Types 7 within Add Account.
  • Choose Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Paste your Server Name from Part 1 within “Server:”
  • Enter Office® 365 Account Username within “UserName”.
  • Hit the More Settings button.
  • Uncheck “Encrypt Data between Microsoft Outlook® and Microsoft Exchange“ and choose Anonymous Authentication from the “Logon Network Security” drop down box
  • Press on the Connections Tab, Connect to Microsoft Exchange, and Exchange Proxy Settings.
  • Confirm “Only connect to proxy servers that have this principal name in their certificate:” and type msstd:Outlook®.com.
  • Verify “On Fast Networks, connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP”
  • Click the drop down box 20 under Proxy Authentication and select Basic Authentication.
  • Press the Okay twice to ensure the successful execution of the setup and configuration of Office® 365 in Outlook®.

The process of Setup and Configure Office® 365 in Outlook® seems easy but it may make you feel many networking, mail client, and connectivity, compatibility, and configuration issues. In such an odd condition, users need to depend upon Office® 365 Setup and Configure help from premium Microsoft Outlook Support team.

Independent tech assistance provider Intelli Atlas Inc. is capable of resolving common issues of DNS, password, and screen shot errors when it comes to setting up and configuring Office® 365 in Outlook®. With Outlook Support Phone Number +1-888-606-4841, you can expect third party support for all Outlook® brands, services and solutions. Intelli Atlas’s 24/7 open support will offer you instant and timely help so that you can configure Office® 365 in Outlook® without facing any sort of hassles.

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